Amazon Alexa Voice for Sage


Inventory and Finance

Alexa,  “Order Part Number.....”

Empower customers to create inventory requests, track shipments, locate inventory, and even generate new orders.

Alexa,   “What is Total Inventory....”

Get a full report of Inventory costs, inventory quantities, and other valuable inventory information into Sage.

Sage Sales Reporting

Retail, eCommerce, and Enterprise Sales Managers Can use Voice Reports to get audible reports about  sales performance from Sage.

Alexa, Ask Voice Reports for “My Sage Sales Briefing”

Get a full report of your sales KPI’s (key performance indicators) and drill down with into department, product, line, and division sales performance.

Alexa, Ask Voice Reports for “Sales”

How were  sales today? How many service calls were made  today? Connect Voice Reports with your  sales data to get up-to-the-minute  sales numbers from Sage.

Businessman on the phone in office

Alexa Voice with Sage Examples:

"Alexa, ask Sage for New Sales"

"Alexa, ask Sage for Current Inventory"

"Alexa, ask Sage for today's past due service calls"

"Alexa, ask Sage for Today's Service Calls"

and many, many, more.....


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