Amazon Alexa Voice for Salesforce CRM


Retail, eCommerce, and Enterprise Sales Managers Can use Voice Reports to get audible reports about sales performance with popular CRM platforms including Microsoft CRM, Infusionsoft, Netsuite, Salesforce, Hubspot and others....

Alexa, Ask Voice Reports for “My Sales Briefing”

Get a full report of your sales KPI’s (key performance indicators) and drill down with into department, product, line, and division sales performance.

Alexa, Ask Voice Reports for “Sales”

How were store sales today? How many products were sold online today? Connect Voice Reports with your sales data to get up-to-the-minute sales numbers.

Alexa, Ask Voice Metrics for “Orders”

Get the number of orders placed by day, week, month, or any other period you ask for from Voice Reports.


Alexa Voice with Salesforce Examples:

"Alexa, ask Salesforce for my new leads"

"Alexa, ask Salesforce to create a lead"

"Alexa, ask Salesforce for opportunity Edge SLA"

"Alexa, ask Salesforce for my calendar for today"


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